How It Works

You define the concern you have with the product, service, campaign, or customer experience and we will come back with actionable insights so you can be successful. Here is a general process:

  1. Define problem
  2. Share internal hypotheses
  3. Interview key stakeholders
  4. Observe customer journey
  5. Moderate user testing session
  6. Report insights, problems, and next steps
  7. Validate theories with updated experiences


Our focus is 100% on user testing.

UX Research

  • Test Plans
  • Secret Shopping
  • Observation/Shadowing
  • Review Analytics
  • Recruit Users
  • Moderated User Testing
  • Unmoderated User Testing
  • Develop Mental Models
  • Capture "Ah Ha!" Moments

UX Production

  • Wireframes
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Design Customer Journey Visualization

Our Promise

Product and service design does not happen in conference rooms or behind the computer. It happens through deep immersion as the target audience. We make sure everyone on my team “feels” exactly what the user goes through so all departments are confident with their decisions. We promise the data you get from our work will improve the delivery of your project.


“THUNK gives us mission critical insights we need to move forward with sales initiatives, marketing strategies, and product decisions. They synthesize our problem, present solutions, then produce results that give us the confidence to make expensive business decisions.”

Patrick Hogan

Founder and CEO, Tenfold
“THUNK is a valuable resource of creativity, experience, and great ideas. After their research and redesign, we saw 200% more MQL’s and 50% increase in new customers. We are pleased they are still monitoring and improving the lead conversion strategy.”

Jacob Laffen

CEO, Family Matters In-Home Care

Design Thinking Process

We can adapt to any product design or service design process. This is a common process used by agencies and UX teams and we can jump in and out of various parts to help your team be successful.


This is often overlooked or analytics replaced this step and that’s a huge mistake. Formal observation sessions will surface keen insights and major opportunities.


Collecting stakeholder feedback, competitive analysis, product analytics, and discovering clues while defining the direction is the dirty work.


This is where the lateral thinkers thrive. Awesome UX designers can take the user insights and the company objectives and make some magic.


The objective is to get the most reliable data as possible. We focus on high-fidelity prototypes with real data to mimic the user experience as much as possible.


The prototyping process is paired with user testing. This is not always a linear process so ideas in prototypes may have to be re-designed. Better discovered here than after the product is built!


Each department needs to know what’s shipping so they can sell, support, and announce to prospects and customers. The UX leader is often the best person to communicate this to other teams.


Make sure all assumptions with the product are still valid. Look for usability issues that need to be fixed with each sprint. Create dashboards and reports if cohorts have different success metrics.


Always keep improving on the product. We strive to be 10x better than competitors. As UX leaders, we also attend industry events to get inspired and stay on top of trends and innovations.


If you are happy with the results, please share with others. Most of our work comes from referrals. Please let us know who sent you so we can thank them.

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