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If you are lucky, a website visitor will give you their four clicks. That is not the average, this is for the win. If you get a website visitor who spends more time and more clicks then fantastic, you found someone with poor web surfing skills or a lot of patience.

We let clients know that you have a funnel that should address the mission critical user story in three to four pages. Think of this like a linear path and use the navigation to take them through this journey. The homepage is crucial to building trust so they want to move forward through the intended journey. Your call to action is there to remind them this is what you ultimately want them to do. There needs to be a casual hand-holding that addresses their concerns about your product or service.

Natural instinct says to add a FAQ, about us, our process, etc. Try to avoid the need to vomit verbose sales pitches all over their screen. If anything, have the web visitor wanting more. Use that to your advantage in the writing so you are sharing just enough to build trust, but also some intrigue so they call or contact you for their specific needs. If you try to guess their needs, then you will fail.

Ideally, you want to address their key concern, then build trust, and lastly before the sales pages you need to connect with them. Sometimes this can be through press articles, your company vision, or a video. Once they have been guided through the site that was built around the user story, then you can ask them to buy or signup.

Remember, you have to do this all in under four minutes and if you have a video, then the video should be no more than 90 seconds to get your message across.