If you are frustrating one customer, chances are there are many others.
Thunk will conduct deep analysis then design creative solutions to delight them all.

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1. Experience

Thunk assigns ideal customers to experience your - and your top competitor's - product or service.

2. Report

Thunk presents customer experience findings in a detailed report and recommends solutions for all budgets and timelines.

3. Execute

You can execute the new strategy or have Thunk help tackle tasks. Together, we monitor and adjust the roadmap strategy over time.

About us

We are part mystery shopper and part strategic design partner.

Thunk takes a behavioral and attitudinal approach to how humans approach and react to various transactions in their life. Our “data driven design” approach ensures that you are spending time and money on deliverables that will produce positive results.

We take pride in our research and apply that to the design, layout, language, and presentation of your product or service then monitor the results and adjust the strategy.

Featured Client: Autosoft